Porky or preggers?

As the world and his wife slurp their way through another mulled wine fest and champagne corks whizz past my ears, I figure there aren’t many advantages to being pregnant over Christmas, apart from maybe a seat on the tube. Except, at the moment, I could easily pass for porky rather than preggers so there are no offers forthcoming.

Reticence if one is unsure though is quite understandable. I once made the mistake of offering my seat to a woman who I, wrongly it turned out, guessed to be at least six months pregnant. “No thank you,” she said in a clipped, hurt voice, sucking her indignant stomach in with fury for the rest of the journey.

Oh well. Perhaps Father Christmas will stick a ‘Baby on Board’ badge in my stocking this year then kind commuters can be sure to avoid such faux-pas, while I can be sure of a seat.


The Pea & The Princess

This little doodle offers an alternative vision to the classic children’s story, ‘The Princess and the Pea’ by Hans Christian Anderson, in which the princess has such delicate skin that she can feel a pea through twenty mattresses. My little pea, below, also has delicate skin and simply can’t sleep when there is a lumpy old princess stuck under his mattress.

The Pea & the Princess - cartoon

Click picture once to view at full size ©TheLadyBites

Food Idiom (Cooking Up a Storm)

After a flurry of activity last week, I’ve been a bit off the boil (spot the idiom) in terms of doodling this week, only managing one that is vaguely decent. Here it is. And thanks to those who suggested some food idioms in my last post on this subject. I’m definitely on for trying “You’ve got to risk it for a biscuit” – brilliant!

Food idioms - cooking up a storm

Cooking up a Storm. ©TheLadyBites. Click picture once to view full size.



Bottoms Up!

It’s a Monday night and it’s raining, as it has done for the last week or more. It’s so unbelievably gloomy that I have decided to crack open that bottle of champagne, which has been lurking in the fridge since my 30th birthday a few months ago, and quaff a glass or two while watching Homeland on catch-up. That should cheer things up a bit.

Oh, and here’s a little doodle.

Bottoms Up - food illustration

Click picture once to view at full size ©EmilyJenkinson