Muffin madness


Since finding out that I’m not gluten-intolerant a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been celebrating with what can only be described as a baked goods binge. Muffins have featured strongly. … Read the rest

Imporient Tea – a cuppa like no other

Imporient Tea

The Heid has an old friend from his youth who is known as ‘Deckchair’ on account of the stripy blazer he once turned up to school in. Apart from laying … Read the rest

£150 raised for Kids Company Plate Pledge


Looking back on a year of food blogging, there are two thoughts that strike me: 1) what an unbelievable greedy guts I am; and 2) how lucky I am to … Read the rest

The problem with oversized canapés

The problem with oversized canapes

Canapés are so delicious that you’d think the larger ones would be a good thing. But you’d be wrong. I discovered this to my detriment the other night at one … Read the rest

Sri Lankan Bananas – I’m bananas for them!

Sri Lankan bananas

I’ve just got back from a two week holiday in Sri Lanka and am already missing its bananas, which are out-and-out, no contest, the best goddamn bananas I have ever … Read the rest

Eat Tokyo (and forget you’re in Notting Hill)

Eat Tokyo, London, Japanese restaurant and take-away

It’s hot, cramped and crowded with bad lighting, bare walls and laminated menus with pictures on them, but Eat Tokyo is all about authenticity, and when the food is this … Read the rest

Semolina and Almond Halwa

Natco Semolina and Almond Halwa recipe

This weekend past, I decided to tackle the huge packet of semolina (a strange purchase) that has been taking up precious space in our kitchen cupboard since we moved in. … Read the rest

Christmas Cards by The Lady Bites


Just in case you were all thinking of rushing out and buying Christmas cards this weekend, I thought I’d better just mention that I am launching my own selection of … Read the rest

Raw Choc Pie – a sinfully good sin-free treat

Raw Choc Pie

A number of pesky health troubles over the last couple of years have led me recently to look at nutrition and diet as a means of improving my lot. The … Read the rest

Abba Dabba Dabbous!

Dabbous Restaurant

“I don’t think there is better food being cooked in London,” said Giles Coren in The Saturday Times. “Exceptionally balanced and thought out,” said Jay Rayner in The Observer. “It … Read the rest