San Amvrosia Organic Houmous – creamiest ever!

San Amvrosia Houmous

In his popular blog Stuff White People Like, Christian Lander identifies ‘Hummus’ as something that “all white people like” and asserts that “if you find a white person who … Read the rest

Cazenave chocolate – a perfectly legal high

Cazenave 70% Dark Chocolate

I used to think that Mars Bars, Twixes and Starbars had their place, but once you’ve tried a bar of 70% plain dark chocolate from Cazenave, a world-class chocolatier in … Read the rest

Echiré – a better bit of butter

Echire Butter

When I think back to my childhood, I remember actively disliking cake, cream, icing and butter. What a weird little girl I must have been. Unfortunately, just when I reached … Read the rest