Geeta’s Premium Mango Chutney – no curry complete with out it!

Geeta's Premium Mango Chutney

No curry is complete without a good lashing of mango chutney, which serves to add or temper the spice levels of the curry in question while adding a welcome dash … Read the rest

Imporient Tea – a cuppa like no other

Imporient Tea

The Heid has an old friend from his youth who is known as ‘Deckchair’ on account of the stripy blazer he once turned up to school in. Apart from laying … Read the rest

Sri Lankan Bananas – I’m bananas for them!

Sri Lankan bananas

I’ve just got back from a two week holiday in Sri Lanka and am already missing its bananas, which are out-and-out, no contest, the best goddamn bananas I have ever … Read the rest

Raw Choc Pie – a sinfully good sin-free treat

Raw Choc Pie

A number of pesky health troubles over the last couple of years have led me recently to look at nutrition and diet as a means of improving my lot. The … Read the rest

Dragon Fruit – not Sharon fruit

Dragon Fruit

I was chugging down the fruit aisle in Sainsbury’s the other night when a most unusual looking specimen caught my eye. Shaped like an avocado or a paw-paw, it had … Read the rest

Coffee Plant – make mine a SMALL flat white

Coffee Plant coffee cups

Purveyor of the finest flat whites I’ve had anywhere, ever, Coffee Plant on Portobello Road is a good 20 minutes walk from my flat, and yet I make a special … Read the rest

Lidgate Pies – they’ll make you happy as pie

Lidgates chicken and ham pie

Now, I am aware that it isn’t really pie-eating season, but with the weather, frankly, a goddamn disgrace for this time of year (what’s new), I’m thinking sod the bikini … Read the rest

Piment d’Espelette – the peppery pride of the Basque country

Piment d'Espelette

I’ve got a cold. A stinking, snivelling cold (given to me by The Heid, curse him) that is negating the feel-good effects of a week’s holiday and a sunny … Read the rest

Devon Fire – chutney with chutzpah

Devon Fire in Devon

The Heid and I went to Devon this weekend, ostensibly to visit his parents but with a secret agenda up our sleeves: to re-stock our Devon Fire chutney supplies.

Since … Read the rest

Nougat Limar – a chewy, sweet treat that’s perfect with coffee

Nougat Limar

There can be no better accompaniment to a macchiato, made using my much-loved Nespresso coffee maker (a 30th birthday present from Big Derm*), than a square of Nougat Limar, which, … Read the rest