Sweet Potato and Smoked Mackerel Salad with Sour Cream and Horseradish Dressing

Sweet potato and smoked mackerel salad

We had some sweet potatoes that needed eating, so I rustled up this rather delicious mid-week dinner. The cumin seeds really complimented the flavour of the sweet potatoes and the … Read the rest

Louisa’s spiced cauliflower

Spiced cauliflower recipe

I always look forward to a spell at The Worm’s house in Northamptonshire as I know I will get a marvellous feed, cooked up by Louisa, his not-so-evil step mother.… Read the rest

Mackerel fishing on the South Devon coast

Mackerel and whiting fishing, Salcombe

My first day back from holiday and I am already missing Prawle Point, the southernmost tip of Devon, where my in-laws had rented a house, the last in a line … Read the rest

Banana and Marmite on toast

Banana and Marmite on toast

This morning I enjoyed one of my all-time favourite breakfasts: banana and marmite on toast. It’s an unusual combination, I know, and one that I don’t doubt will have the … Read the rest

A really wild frittata

Wild mushroom, wild garlic and goats cheese frittata

Woodland walks are like a sensory assault course at this time of year when great swathes of indigo stretch out in the form of bluebells and the distinctive scent of … Read the rest

Tagliatelle with salmon caviar, dill & crème fraiche

Tagliatellie with salmon caviar

A while back, a foodie friend of mine started a recipe exchange initiative on email, the idea being that those taking part would each receive 36 quick and easy recipes, … Read the rest

Monty’s mumma’s carrot cake

Monty's mumma's carrot cake recipe

I love the way that good recipes are passed down through the generations to be amended, perfected and improved by each person who inherits them. It’s why family recipes tend … Read the rest

Mumma’s Seville orange marmalade

Marmalade Recipe

There are two particular reasons (apart from the obvious ones) why I like going home to my parents’ house in Scotland: the first is well-ironed sheets (we’re too lazy to … Read the rest

Broad bean, asparagus and wild rice salad

Broad Bean, Asparagus and Wild Rice Salad

If you don’t like broad beans, there can be only one possible reason why: they haven’t been double podded. This means cooking them (as you would peas), draining them, then … Read the rest

Ottolenghi’s barley and pomegranate salad

Ottolenghi's Pomegranate and Barley Salad with added feta

My first experience of Ottolenghi (or ‘Ottotrendy’ as The Heid calls him) was about two years ago, when I happened to pass by his Kensington deli on Holland Street. Five … Read the rest