1st birthday carrot cake


The Moo turned one last Saturday and, being relatively new to the kiddie-scene, I made an enthusiastic cake for the occasion. Not much of a baker, I started the project … Read the rest

Fish Risotto

Not the best pic, but it tasted good.

It’s only been a year or so since my last post. Since then, I’ve had a daughter (The Moo), changed a lot of nappies, lost a lot of sleep, eaten … Read the rest

Sultana and Walnut Eggy Bread


“When you wake up in the morning, Pooh,” said Piglet at last, “what’s the first thing you say to yourself?”

“What’s for breakfast?” said Pooh. “What do you say, Piglet?”Read the rest

Banana Bread


There were three rather sad, brown and mushy looking bananas lurking in the fruit bowl, inviting only one thing: banana bread. I adapted this recipe slightly and it worked brilliantly. … Read the rest

Robbie’s winning Come Dine with Me menu!

Robbie Come Dine with Me

A couple of weeks ago, a huge crowd of us all bundled into Robbie and Bun’s flat for a large screen projector viewing of Come Dine with Me, starring none … Read the rest

Gurpareet Bains’ Anti-inflammatory Date, Cashew and Fennel Balls

Gurpareet Bains’ Anti-inflammatory Date, Cashew and Fennel Balls

Gurpareet Bains’ book, Indian Superspices is based on the idea that spices such as turmeric, nigella seeds and fennel have medicinal properties that can help alleviate everyday ailments such as … Read the rest

Marika’s classic chicken, leek and bacon pie


This week is British Pie Week and, on Sunday, to mark the occasion, I took myself off to a pie-making class. Marika Gauci’s Sunday Pie Club is the only pie-making … Read the rest

Semolina and Almond Halwa

Natco Semolina and Almond Halwa recipe

This weekend past, I decided to tackle the huge packet of semolina (a strange purchase) that has been taking up precious space in our kitchen cupboard since we moved in. … Read the rest

Jane’s Vietnamese herby chicken with nutty green rice

Jane Lovett Vietnamese Chicken recipe

I recently reviewed Jane Lovett’s book, Make it Easy: Delicious get-ahead recipes for happy home cooking, for The Good Web Guide and immediately resolved to try one of the recipes. … Read the rest

Asian coleslaw

Asian Coleslaw recipe

There’s only one thing worse than a garnish of undressed salad and a soggy tomato placed on the side of your plate, and it’s called coleslaw. An unfortunate staple of … Read the rest