Dr William Kitchiner – a man after my own heart

Dr William Kitchiner

I recently reviewed William Sitwell’s book, A History of Food in 100 Recipes, for The Good Web Guide. Meticulously researched and full of intriguing detail, it enlightened me … Read the rest

Mackerel fishing on the South Devon coast

Mackerel and whiting fishing, Salcombe

My first day back from holiday and I am already missing Prawle Point, the southernmost tip of Devon, where my in-laws had rented a house, the last in a line … Read the rest

Food – it’s not just for eating.

Brittany Powell Sandwich Artist

I was always told not to, but playing with one’s food can be such good fun. Whether it’s spooning sugar into the dregs of a coffee cup and mixing until … Read the rest

Cast of Characters

Cast of Characters - Big Derm

You can’t really write about eating without mentioning, from time to time, the people with whom you eat and there are a few characters that, you’ll have noticed, crop up … Read the rest

Does every food group really need its own week?


Lately, it seems like barely a week goes by without one food group or another claiming it as their own but, in most cases, I’d say the celebration is unwarranted.… Read the rest

Valentine’s Day dining (just say no)


One thing that you should never do on Valentine’s Day is to go out for dinner as a couple, and this is particularly true if the dinner in question is … Read the rest

Introducing The Heid


“You should really have a name for Ollie” on your blog, said a friend recently, “a bit like A.A.Gill’s The Blonde.”
“By damn! You’re right,” I said, and I didn’t … Read the rest