The importance of slimline stemware….


A bun in the oven has meant that tasty alcoholic beverages are no longer the free-flowing extravaganza they once were. And this has made me somewhat more discerning when it … Read the rest

Dog’s dinner


A recent spate of babies being born amongst my friends has led to Scrabble (my border terrier) putting on a few pounds. She has managed to work out that, by … Read the rest

Porky or preggers?


As the world and his wife slurp their way through another mulled wine fest and champagne corks whizz past my ears, I figure there aren’t many advantages to being pregnant … Read the rest

Christmas Cards by The Lady Bites

Hand illustrated Christmas Cards

Jiminy Cricket. It’s October already and the year has flown by. Fortunately for those early birds already thinking of Christmas cards, The Lady Bites is once again selling her own … Read the rest

Let food not be the food of love…

Eating dessert

The type of people that eat out on Valentine’s Day are just the sort of ‘show-offs in love’ that are also likely to feed each other in the name of … Read the rest

£150 raised for Kids Company Plate Pledge


Looking back on a year of food blogging, there are two thoughts that strike me: 1) what an unbelievable greedy guts I am; and 2) how lucky I am to … Read the rest

The problem with oversized canapés

The problem with oversized canapes

Canapés are so delicious that you’d think the larger ones would be a good thing. But you’d be wrong. I discovered this to my detriment the other night at one … Read the rest

Christmas Cards by The Lady Bites


Just in case you were all thinking of rushing out and buying Christmas cards this weekend, I thought I’d better just mention that I am launching my own selection of … Read the rest

Carnival or Constance Spry?

Constance Spry Cookery Book

It was Notting Hill Carnival last weekend, but the old crew – once reliable stalwarts of the famous west London street party – were nowhere to be seen. The WormsRead the rest

The price of a pint of milk

Stop milking our dairy farmers cartoon

It’s the question journalists love to ask politicians, but the price of a pint of milk is about more than how ‘in touch’ politicians are with normal life. It is … Read the rest