Ostuni (and a kiss for the waiter)

Doorstep paradise

We moved house a month ago, out of North Ken and up to the Queen’s Park/Kilburn border where we are slowly getting the measure of our new landscape.

For fake … Read the rest

San Sebastián (and three pinxtos bars not to be missed)

The real deal

Pix, the popular London chain of tapas restaurants that takes its inspiration from the Basque pinxtos bars of San Sebastián (known as Donostia in Basque) and recently opened a … Read the rest

The Honours (and a trip down memory lane)

The Honours

The Worms, The Heid and I took a trip up to north the other weekend, to Edinburgh, the magical city of our misspent university days, where – no more … Read the rest

Burger & Lobster (and a Maz-Pants birthday dinner)

Burger and Lobster - lobster

My good friend Maz-Pants has been banging on about Burger & Lobster for ages, so it was the obvious choice of venue for her to celebrate birthday number 32.

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Eat Tokyo (and forget you’re in Notting Hill)

Eat Tokyo, London, Japanese restaurant and take-away

It’s hot, cramped and crowded with bad lighting, bare walls and laminated menus with pictures on them, but Eat Tokyo is all about authenticity, and when the food is this … Read the rest

Abba Dabba Dabbous!

Dabbous Restaurant

“I don’t think there is better food being cooked in London,” said Giles Coren in The Saturday Times. “Exceptionally balanced and thought out,” said Jay Rayner in The Observer. “It … Read the rest

The Crate Brewery (and an Olympic ‘Super Saturday’)

Crate Brewery Pizzas

Last week, I hardly saw or spoke to The Heid – he was in Olympic mode: camped at Stratford; parked, incommicado, in front of the TV; or frantically trying to … Read the rest

Donostia (and a tap into the tapas trend)

Donostia Tapas London

If I didn’t already know that Spain, like Greece, is in the financial toilet, spinning in a whirlpool of economic excrement that is causing job loss, home loss and a … Read the rest

Bottega Prelibato (and a catch up with Wee Stu)

Bottega Prebilato fresh pasta

Three weeks ago, when London was blissfully, stiflingly hot, I sweated my way across town to Shoreditch, to meet a very old friend from my youth in Scotland. Wee Stu … Read the rest

Lowry & Baker (and a thank you brunch)


If you’re in the Portobello area of London this weekend and casting around for a good breakfast, lunch time salad or afternoon cake and a cup of tea, you could … Read the rest