Standard, Tall, Grande

Standard Tall Grande - coffee

A little doodle to illustrate the irritating sizing structure adopted by so many coffee shops these days. Tall, Grande, Regular, Standard, Grande, Extra Large and Venti are all UNACCEPTABLE terms. … Read the rest

The price of a pint of milk

Stop milking our dairy farmers cartoon

It’s the question journalists love to ask politicians, but the price of a pint of milk is about more than how ‘in touch’ politicians are with normal life. It is … Read the rest

How to ensure the canapés ALWAYS come your way

Canape Guide 4 Illsutration

The arrival of wedding season has reminded me how much I love canapés. From the little circles of toast topped with crab meat to the mini egg tartlets, the seared … Read the rest

Food Idiom (Happy as Pie)

Happy as Pie Illustration - Food Idiom

It was pointed out to me that I had failed to include a Happy as Pie doodle in my recent post on Lidgate Pies so I have remedied the situation … Read the rest

Food Idiom (Bad Egg)

Bad Egg

To my great surprise and joy, I have received my very first illustration commission! Seeing as it is my first one and I have no idea really as to how … Read the rest

Food Idiom (Cooking Up a Storm)

Food idioms - cooking up a storm

After a flurry of activity last week, I’ve been a bit off the boil (spot the idiom) in terms of doodling this week, only managing one that is vaguely decent. … Read the rest

Food Idioms – Part I

Food Idioms, Cartoons, Big Cheese

Similes, metaphors, idioms and other observational tools in our linguistic armoury make for rich pickings when it comes to doodles.

Lately, I’ve been focusing my attention on food idioms – … Read the rest

Bottoms Up!

Bottoms Up - food illustration

It’s a Monday night and it’s raining, as it has done for the last week or more. It’s so unbelievably gloomy that I have decided to crack open that bottle … Read the rest

A newbie’s perspective on being a food blogger….

Food blogger illustration

One of my freelance writing roles is as part-time food editor at The Good Web Guide, where I’m lucky enough to review cookery books, interview food bloggers and chefs … Read the rest

Cast of Characters

Cast of Characters - Big Derm

You can’t really write about eating without mentioning, from time to time, the people with whom you eat and there are a few characters that, you’ll have noticed, crop up … Read the rest