Dog’s dinner


A recent spate of babies being born amongst my friends has led to Scrabble (my border terrier) putting on a few pounds. She has managed to work out that, by … Read the rest

Porky or preggers?


As the world and his wife slurp their way through another mulled wine fest and champagne corks whizz past my ears, I figure there aren’t many advantages to being pregnant … Read the rest

Where I’d rather be…

Yoga Retreat

A jack of all trades, I currently find myself office-sitting at a holistic healthcare clinic while the away team enjoys sun, yoga and healthy eating at one of its retreats … Read the rest

Christmas Cards by The Lady Bites

Hand illustrated Christmas Cards

Jiminy Cricket. It’s October already and the year has flown by. Fortunately for those early birds already thinking of Christmas cards, The Lady Bites is once again selling her own … Read the rest

Illustrations for The Dorset Foodies – coming soon!

The Dorset Foodies-illustration

Last month I received a lovely, warm the cockles, feel-good-for-the-rest-of-the-day email from a lady based down in Dorset, who said that her and her husband “just loved” the doodles on … Read the rest

A snowy Easter Egg Hunt?

A snowy Easter Egg Hunt

There is something very wrong when it is colder at Easter than it is at Christmas and I do worry that the Easter Bunny might feel tempted to remain nestled … Read the rest

Muffin madness


Since finding out that I’m not gluten-intolerant a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been celebrating with what can only be described as a baked goods binge. Muffins have featured strongly. … Read the rest

The problem with oversized canapés

The problem with oversized canapes

Canapés are so delicious that you’d think the larger ones would be a good thing. But you’d be wrong. I discovered this to my detriment the other night at one … Read the rest

Christmas Cards by The Lady Bites


Just in case you were all thinking of rushing out and buying Christmas cards this weekend, I thought I’d better just mention that I am launching my own selection of … Read the rest

The Pea & The Princess

The Pea & the Princess - cartoon

This little doodle offers an alternative vision to the classic children’s story, ‘The Princess and the Pea’ by Hans Christian Anderson, in which the princess has such delicate skin that … Read the rest