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I’m Emily, a freelance journalist and copywriter based in west London, and The Lady Bites: Tales From the Table is my blog – a light-hearted online journal of reflections, observations and experiments with food, plus a few doodles thrown in for good measure.


Me, enjoying breakfast in New York in 2007.


Dying dinner - I’d like to pop off after a sunny lunch outdoors with friends and family. Tuna or salmon carpaccio would be on the menu alongside crusty French bread, butterflied sea bream studded with fried garlic, lots of exciting, Ottolenghi-style salads, and for pudding, a rich chocolate mousse or fresh strawberry ice-cream. We would drink Albariño or a pale Provence Rosé and round everything off with coffees and glassses of Sauternes.

Favourite restaurant - Tantina de la Playa in Bidart, South West France. With views over the sea, lots of fresh fish and a strong Basque influence, it’s like my dying dinner (without the death) every time I go.

Butterflied Hake

Dying dinner....

Biggest food gripes - Waiters who don’t make a note of my order, then get my order wrong. Also, salad ‘garnish.’ If I want an undressed pile of limp and lifeless salad leaves (and a soggy tomato), I’ll ask for one.

Food inspiration – My grandfather (father’s side), whose appetite and love of good food was unparalleled. As children, he took great pleasure in trying to make us eat the fat, the eye-balls, or ‘the parson’s nose’ (otherwise known as ‘the arse’ of the chicken). “But it’s the best bit!” he’d say as we squealed in horror.


Gramps - the ultimate foody, pictured at my wedding shortly before he died. ©IanBursill

Most hated food - Vine leaves. Pretty much the only food I really dislike.

Favourite food quote – This comes from my grandmother (mother’s side), who claims to be a vegetarian and yet loves ox-tail. “But you can’t be a vegetarian if you eat ox-tail,” commented some poor soul once, to which she replied unanswerably: “An ox doesn’t need its tail, so it doesn’t count.”

Comfort food -  Fish fingers, mashed potato, ketchup and peas (optional). When I’m old and infirm with no teeth, just feed me the mashed potato and ketchup.


I am not a professional cook – in fact, I am not even a particularly good cook. I am a keen cook, however, and like to experiment in the kitchen. It’s worth remembering therefore that any recipes you see written on this blog, which are not attributed to someone else, are not an exact science and are definitely NOT to be relied upon. You’ve been warned!


All images, sketches and content are copyright of  ©TheLadyBites ©EmilyJenkinson (except where stated otherwise) and cannot be used without permission. If you would like to feature anything published on this blog on your own site or publication, please contact me on theladybites@gmail.com


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  1. Hi there,
    I found your website because you featured photos of my “Sandwich Artist” series from Low-Commitment Projects (thank you, by the way), but I wanted to tell you I’m thoroughly enjoying your little drawings. They remind me of Ludwig Bemelmans a bit.

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