Muffin madness

Since finding out that I’m not gluten-intolerant a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been celebrating with what can only be described as a baked goods binge. Muffins have featured strongly. So much so that I’ve written a little ditty in honour of them.

Muffin madness

Post-Christmas time is slimmin’ time; we’re meant to eat near-nuffin’
But my mind, I find, runs over-time – I want a bloody muffin!
I don’t resist, I can’t desist; they all taste too damn fine
I want to eat some muffins, yeah; I want them all the time
Prêt’s blueberry ones are bitchin’ with their soft and gooey centre
While Costa’s ones with poppy seeds are absolutely mental
I love a Starbucks breakfast one with raisins, nuts and honey
Ottolenghi does a savoury one; it’s good but it costs money
Post-Christmas time is slimmin’ time, but muffins – I can’t stop!
If I don’t watch out – I know, I know – I’ll have a muffin top.

And on the subject of muffins….

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