Imporient Tea – a cuppa like no other

The Heid has an old friend from his youth who is known as ‘Deckchair’ on account of the stripy blazer he once turned up to school in. Apart from laying claim to one of the best nicknames ever bestowed upon a man (The Heid comes a close second), Deckchair supplies some of finest tea I have ever tasted.


The finest tea I've ever tasted.

Imporient tea is so good that I bulk order boxes of the stuff and carry round a secret stash in my wallet to ensure I never again have to drink Tetleys. But I’m not alone.

Indeed, I once mentioned my little foible to Deckchair, who I was delighted to discover does exactly the same thing. “Some people carry condoms,” he shrugged, “others carry tea bags.” It’s just a question of priorities, I suppose.

Imporient Tea

A question of priorities

Anyway, tea runs in the blood for the Deckchair family, which has been dealing it since 1872 and really knows what’s what when it comes to creating the perfect brew.

My personal favourite from its selection has always been the Imporient 100 Tagged Tea Bags (now re-branded as the Birchall 100 Tagged Tea Bags). Made from a closely guarded blend of tea sourced from across East Africa, it makes for the sort of fortifying cuppa that I fondly imagine once won wars. What ho!

The perfect cuppa

What ho!

But its herbal varieties – in particular the Green Tea & Peach and the Camomile – are excellent too. These are made with all-natural ingredients which are helpfully contained in little sachets to give you all the taste of loose tea but none of the fiddly, tea-straining hassle.

Imporient has its own Pfunda (a type of rich volcanic soil) Tea Estate in Rwanda and, according to its site, is one of the largest tea buyers in East Africa. It is also a highly ethical organisation with accreditations from The Fairtrade Foundation, The Rainforest Alliance and The Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP). Meanwhile, it donates a percentage of the profit made on every packet of tea purchased from its online store to the Noel Orphanage in Rwanda.

Imporien Pfunda Tea Estate, Rwanda

The Pfunda Tea Estate

It’s all good stuff really and once you try it, I promise, you won’t look back. In fact, before you know it, that little sachet of Imporient tea may just find its way into your wallet and then, well, who knows where it could lead….

My faves…

* For a proper old-fashioned cuppa, order The Birchall English Breakfast Tea or the Birchall Great Rift

* For an anti-oxidising herbal hit, order the Green Tea & Peach blend


Visit to order online and find out more.


7 thoughts on “Imporient Tea – a cuppa like no other

  1. I’ve just tried imporient green tea and peach after buying a box at a food fair. I have to say I’m really impressed, my perfect cuppa, and I’ve just been trying to find out where I can buy them.

  2. Fantastic to hear that there are a greater number of discerning tea drinkers discovering Birchall!

    Nicky is correct in saying it is available in M&S (flavours of the world section) or you can have one of our brew’s in Carluccios. If all else fails go to our updated website

    Our Birchall Great Rift 80s has just won a Gold Star Great Taste Award from the Guild of Fine Food.

    - as in he of said blazer and wallet full of tea bags :)

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