Food Idioms – Part I

Similes, metaphors, idioms and other observational tools in our linguistic armoury make for rich pickings when it comes to doodles.

Food Idioms, Cartoons, Big Cheese

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Lately, I’ve been focusing my attention on food idioms – of which there are hundreds in the English language – as a way of trying out different cartoon styles and generally getting my hand back in after a long dormant period on the doodling front.

Food Idioms, Cartoons, Oignons

Click picture once to view at full size ©TheLadyBites

As I say, there are lots to choose from with a few particularly fun ones, such as “Cooking up a Storm” and “Burnt to a Crisp,” that you’ll no doubt see appearing here soon. Meanwhile, any suggestions as to what food idioms you’d like to see represented and I’ll give them my best shot!


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