Banana and Marmite on toast

This morning I enjoyed one of my all-time favourite breakfasts: banana and marmite on toast. It’s an unusual combination, I know, and one that I don’t doubt will have the majority of you turning your noses up – even if you do like both bananas and marmite on their own – but, you’ll have to trust me on this, they are natural bedfellows.

Banana and marmite

Natural bedfellows.

Of course, in my eyes, banana and marmite make perfect sense, playing on a well-established culinary combo of salt and sweet that can be found in famous pairings such as salt and caramel, cheese and quince, ham and pineapple, chocoate and pretzels or, as Nigella Lawson recently suggested, bacon brownies – and she knows what she’s on about.

I’m not the only one to have paired marmite with something sweet and I feel vindicated to have discovered a recipe for honey and marmite or “Homite” ice-cream on one of my favourite blogs, Rocket & Squash. It’s got me thinking that marmite and banana ice cream would be bloody fantastic. And what about marmite and banana bread? There’s definitely legs in this. Heston move over.

Marmite and banana on toast
(Feeds 1)

Banana and Marmite on toast

Better for you than another sweet and salty combo - maple syrup and bacon.


1 slice of bread, toasted (I like granary)
1 small banana

What to do with them

1. Put a slice of bread in your toaster

2. While the bread is toasting take a fork and mash some banana (don’t over-do it – it’s nice to retain some firmness)

3. Once the toast has popped, spread it with butter and marmite (how much you put on is a matter of taste. I like lots)

4. Put the mashed banana on top of the toast and eat with a mug of hot tea.

11 thoughts on “Banana and Marmite on toast

  1. I came across this post from another blog I was visiting and couldn’t help but leave a comment. Vegemite ( in this country, Australia) and cheese is my hubbys favourite. Probably a good one to help you sleep perhaps. Sue

  2. i came across this during pregnancy – i wanted both marmite on toast and also banana on toast, suddenly it turned into a craving to eat both!! mmmm!! i drizzle the marmite over the banana before mashing! :D mmmmm

  3. I have been enjoying banana and marmite since i was a child (and am now in my late forties). for a more sophisticated presentation :) , try thinly slicing the banana into circles – rather than mashing – and place on top of marmite in whatever pattern you choose. Enjoy

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