A newbie’s perspective on being a food blogger….

One of my freelance writing roles is as part-time food editor at The Good Web Guide, where I’m lucky enough to review cookery books, interview food bloggers and chefs and go on lovely cookery courses, which I then write up afterwards (it’s a rubbish job, but someone’s got to do it).

Anyway, the site’s new editor, Alice Kahrmann recently asked if I’d like to write a guest post for The Good Web Guide’s blog on what it’s like to be a newbie food blogger, based on my experiences with The Lady Bites so far. I did the below doodle and ditty to accompany the post, which you can read here.

Food blogger illustration

A Day in the Life of a Food Blogger ©EmilyJenkinson

A Funny Breed

Food bloggers are a funny breed
Who’ve made an art form of their greed
By writing down for all to note
What they’ve stuffed down their hungry throats
And what they think they might eat next
The dinner out that left them vexed
And recipes that they’ve devised –
Or those of others they’ve revised -
If edible, it’s analysed.

You’ll spot them round about in town
They’re usually armed with camera/phone
Which they whip out triumphantly
To document their gluttony
Their breakfast, snacks and lunchtime, dinner
(They’d love to be a little slimmer)
But when there’s all this marvellous food -
Delicious things in multitude -
It’s not a goal that’s worth pursued….

One thought on “A newbie’s perspective on being a food blogger….

  1. Congratulations with your wonderful article on the Good Web Guide. I found it a fantastic and a very insightful read. I always dreamt of writing a blog and have all the plans clearly in my head. Your article has given me the confidence to start creating it. Thank you for sharing your experiences and all the very best with the blog! Its lovely and your illustrations are adorable. All the best.

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