Nougat Limar – a chewy, sweet treat that’s perfect with coffee

There can be no better accompaniment to a macchiato, made using my much-loved Nespresso coffee maker (a 30th birthday present from Big Derm*), than a square of Nougat Limar, which, although shop-bought and not as authentic as a piece of genuine, artisan Italian torrone, is satisfying enough to have converted Frances* from being a nougat “hater” (she actually used that word) into quite the nougat fan (but only if it’s Limar, darling).

Nougat Limar

It goes so well with a Nespresso coffee.

Nougat Limar might not be the real deal, but I prefer it that way. It’s chewy (but not so much that it gets stuck in one’s teeth), sweet (but not so sweet that it hurts one’s teeth) and gratifying in that it appeases a sugar-craving in a manner that is relatively healthy and low in saturated fat compared with a brownie or a Lisboa custard tart. Meanwhile, as I say, it goes just beautifully with a cup of coffee.

Hailing from Australia, Nougat Limar started out as a hobby in 2000 and grew into a home business that produced nougat for Sydney-based confectioner, Bon Bon Fine Chocolates. In 2001, food critic for The Sunday Morning Herald, John Newton asserted it to be the “best nougat in Australia” and, from there, it took off, expanding as interest grew to be sold in several countries around the world, including – lucky us – the UK.

Nougat Limar nougat

I'm nuts about nougat (limar).

That it has travelled all the way from Australia to my local deli (the wonderful St Helen’s Food Store in north Kensington) and has made such an effort to look so pretty, in little fruit and nut jewelled squares, and because I know it tastes so fine and is really quite good for me, and because it’s 10.56am in the morning (precisely four minutes from coffee hour) and I have finished this post (and now deserve a reward), I think it would be a crime – and quite inhospitable to our tasty Antipodean visitor – not to go and get some and eat it right now.


St Helen’s Food Store
55 St Helen’s Gardens
Notting Hill
W10 6LN

Order online: Nougat Limar

* Find out more about Big Derm and Frances in my Cast of Characters.


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