Devon Fire – chutney with chutzpah

The Heid and I went to Devon this weekend, ostensibly to visit his parents but with a secret agenda up our sleeves: to re-stock our Devon Fire chutney supplies.

Exe Valley Farm Shop

We sneaked off here to re-stock on Devon Fire.

Since discovering this delectable chutney in my in-law’s local farm shop, we have become total addicts to the stuff, slathering it with gay abandon on everything from cheese sandwiches, cold meats and Indian takeaways (mango chutney – pah!) and recruiting a few fellow devotees along the way – most notably at our wedding, where we had jars of Devon Fire on every table.

Devon Fire and cheddar cheese

Devon Fire and cheddar cheese - the ultimate combo.

Hand-made by a small, Devon-based family business – Otter Vale Products – alongside a range of other tasty chutneys, savoury jellies, pickles and preserves, Devon Fire (as with all the Otter Vale Products) is made from the best possible ingredients, locally sourced and with no artificial colours or flavourings. But what is it that makes it better than any other chutney out there?

Devon Fire - store cupboard essential

A store cupboard essential (no, one jar is not enough).

As with most very addictive things, it’s the chilli – fiery Scotch Bonnet Chillies in this case – that seems to make Devon Fire so moreish and, combined with the sweetness of orange, onion and peppers, elevates this chutney to god-like status. I keep a jar of it to hand at all times and look forward to my lunch-time cheddar cheese and Devon Fire chutney sandwich so much that ‘lunch time’ frequently takes place at 11am. Naughty!

Devon Fire in Devon

God's own chutney in God's own county (sorry Yorkshire - you'll have to share the title)


You can buy it via mail-order directly from Otter Vale Products

I get mine from:

The Exe Valley Farm Shop
T: 01392 861 239


2 thoughts on “Devon Fire – chutney with chutzpah

  1. Feel extra guilty for pleading for a jar of the stuff now! Sorry for reducing your supplies. P.S. already finished in just over a week. Greedy.

  2. what a lovely refreshing find was your website, we fell in love with otter vale products on a visit to devon this summer and have restocked by mail order from them as its a long way from north yorks.

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