Cast of Characters

You can’t really write about eating without mentioning, from time to time, the people with whom you eat and there are a few characters that, you’ll have noticed, crop up frequently in my posts. Here’s a quick run-down of who they are.

THE HEID* – hubby, restaurant-lover and dish-washer

Cast of Characters - The HeidBig head, bigger appetite (or is it the other way round?), he wooed me with a grilled salmon and spicy mango salsa dish. You can read more about him here.

Most likely to say: “We’ve run out of washing up liquid again.”

DAVE – friend, neighbour and hubby of Frances (together they are FRAVE)

Cast of Characters - DaveHe’s the one eating a sandwich minutes before dinner is served.

Most likely to say: “Franny, you’re so beautiful.”

FRANCES – friend, neighbour and wife of Dave

Cast of Characters - FrancesA talented cook, she bakes her own bread, grows her own herbs and makes a mean batch of gooey chocolate brownies. But she’s very messy.

Most likely to say: “Not now, Dave.”

BECCA – friend, neighbour and wife of Worm (together they are THE WORMS)

Cast of Characters - BeccaLoves tzatziki and crap telly. Hates condiments and dancing.

Most likely to say: “Wormy, where’s my wine?”

WORM – friend, neighbour, cultural void (oops, I mean waterfall) and hubby of Becca.

Casts of Characters - WormCan be trusted with dinner, but not the sound-track to it.

Most likely to say: “I’m not a worm”

THE SIBLING – brother, gamer, wit.

Cast of Characters - The SiblingSays things like “thanks a latte.” Did I say wit? I meant twit.

Most likely to say: “Yoink” (while pinching food from another’s plate).

MUMMA – mother, pescatarian, wife of Big D.

Cast of Characters - MummaLoves fish and floating islands. Hates meat and cats.

Most likely to say: “Dinner’s ready”

BIG D – father, foodie and husband of Mumma.

Cast of Characters - Big DermBanned from eating curry. Not banned from taking us all out for lunch.

Most likely to say: “Is that a Peugot pepper grinder I see?”

SCRABBLE – border terrier, practise child, nut-job.

Cast of Characters - ScrabbleLoves ice cubes and apples. Hates nothing and no-one (the sweet little mite)

Most likely to say: “Woof”


(Added as they crop up)

BERTIE WOOSTER – friend, tent-creeper, techie behind The Lady Bites.Bertie Wooster illustrationMild-mannered but mischievous

Most likely to say: “I thought it was my tent.”

GAIL THE WHALE - friend, show-stealer and cocktail queen

Gail the WhaleLoves to sing, but not in tune.

Most likely to say: “Let’s make flirtinis”

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