A really wild frittata

Wild mushroom, wild garlic and goats cheese frittata

Woodland walks are like a sensory assault course at this time of year when great swathes of indigo stretch out in the form of bluebells and the distinctive scent of … Read the rest

Piment d’Espelette – the peppery pride of the Basque country

Piment d'Espelette

I’ve got a cold. A stinking, snivelling cold (given to me by The Heid, curse him) that is negating the feel-good effects of a week’s holiday and a sunny … Read the rest

Food – it’s not just for eating.

Brittany Powell Sandwich Artist

I was always told not to, but playing with one’s food can be such good fun. Whether it’s spooning sugar into the dregs of a coffee cup and mixing until … Read the rest

Devon Fire – chutney with chutzpah

Devon Fire in Devon

The Heid and I went to Devon this weekend, ostensibly to visit his parents but with a secret agenda up our sleeves: to re-stock our Devon Fire chutney supplies.

Since … Read the rest

Cast of Characters

Cast of Characters - Big Derm

You can’t really write about eating without mentioning, from time to time, the people with whom you eat and there are a few characters that, you’ll have noticed, crop up … Read the rest

Nougat Limar – a chewy, sweet treat that’s perfect with coffee

Nougat Limar

There can be no better accompaniment to a macchiato, made using my much-loved Nespresso coffee maker (a 30th birthday present from Big Derm*), than a square of Nougat Limar, which, … Read the rest

Tagliatelle with salmon caviar, dill & crème fraiche

Tagliatellie with salmon caviar

A while back, a foodie friend of mine started a recipe exchange initiative on email, the idea being that those taking part would each receive 36 quick and easy recipes, … Read the rest

Does every food group really need its own week?


Lately, it seems like barely a week goes by without one food group or another claiming it as their own but, in most cases, I’d say the celebration is unwarranted.… Read the rest