Somerset Scoff, Part II: Lunch at The Three Horseshoes Inn, Batcombe

I have to confess to not feeling even slightly hungry when we trailed into The Three Horseshoes Inn for lunch this Saturday, but I didn’t let that stand in the way of things. That would have been rude and an insult to the mound of perfectly plump, freshly baked pork pies that were piled up seductively on one corner of the bar alongside jars of homemade chilli jam and chutney.

Three Horseshoes Inn Pork Pies

Oh, go on then.

Oh, what a pub! Four hundred years old with low ceilings, stone walls, huge open fires, wet dogs curled up by muddy feet, dark pints of local ale and cider and proper pub food that shows all those gastro imitators out there how things should be done, this is about as country a country pub as one could hope to find anywhere. We sat round one of the large oak tables and, after a round of pork pies, ale and cider, shared pints of sweet Dorset prawns with thick slices of home-baked nutty bread. And we didn’t stop there – how could you with such a wonderful menu, offering things such as Locally Shot Game Terrine, Somerset Pork and Leek Sausages and Westcombe Cheddar and Real Ale Chutney Sandwiches?

Three Horseshoes Inn, Batcombe, Pint of Prawns

Sweet Dorset prawns.

I (and most of the others) went for the mussels, which arrived in a huge heavy lidded saucepan that lifted to reveal a steaming mass of dark blue shells, winking the fat pink bodies of succulent mussels amid a creamy white wine sauce. It was every inch as good as it looked.

Three Horseshoes Inn, Batcombe, Mussels

A feast for the eyes and the tum.

The Heid and Dave opted for the Batcombe Beer Battered Fish and Chips with Homemade Tartar Sauce, a huge dish – with two fat fillets of fish covered in a fresh and crispy batter – that could have fed three. Well done them, they managed to clean their plates – we all did – but none had room for pudding, which was a shame as I’d had my eye on the Sticky Toffee Pudding with Ice Cream. Well, that’s at least one good reason to return again soon.

Three Horseshoes Inn, Batcombe, Fish and Chips

The boys were undefeated.

The Three Horseshoes Inn
Shepton Mallet,
T: 01749 850 359

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