San Amvrosia Organic Houmous – creamiest ever!

In his popular blog Stuff White People Like, Christian Lander identifies ‘Hummus’ as something that “all white people like” and asserts that “if you find a white person who does not like hummus, then they probably just haven’t tasted it, or perhaps they’re the wrong kind of white person.” My personal view is that, if they don’t like houmous, then they’re simply eating the wrong kind.

Houmous and carrots

My essential car snack kit.

I love houmous and have tried all sorts of varieties in my time, but nothing – not even the real stuff, homemade by bona-fide Moroccan mummas – comes close to a particular brand, which I source in my local health food shop, Portobello Wholefoods, called San Amvrosia Health Foods Ltd Organic Houmous.

The ingredients are fairly standard – chick peas(33%), sunflower oil, fresh lemon juice, tahini (8%), water, fresh garlic, sea salt – so I don’t know whether they whip it or beat it or unleash some other sort of culinary wizardry, but it is the creamiest, most delicious houmous I’ve ever tried.

San Amvrosia Houmous

It's just so creamy.

Anyway, a few of us are driving down to Somerset this evening, where we’re celebrating Dave Watt’s 30th birthday in his home town of Bruton over the weekend. We’re not leaving London until 7pm and dinner will be late, so I’ve packed a tub of this amvrosial houmous with some chopped carrots to munch on in the car. What a treat!


Goodness Direct Ltd stocks it if you want to buy online. Otherwise, a good health food shop should have it. I get mine at:

Portobello Wholefoods
266 Portobello Rd
W10 5TY
T: 020 8968 9133

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