Lisboa Pâtisserie (and a birthday custard tart)

There can’t be many more appealing sights than the counter at Lisboa Pâtisserie on Golborne Road, where, come the 4pm sugar-low, a glistening array of freshly baked, generously proportioned and suitably oozy goods ensure you’ll be well taken care of.

Lisboa Patisserie counter

Sweet relief

This Portugese pâtisserie may not be the most glamourous place – strip lighting, plain tiled walls and floors, no-nonsense chairs and little in the way of decoration doth not a cosy tea-room make – but the constant hub of Moroccan, Spanish and Portugese punters clustered round tables and an ever-present queue tells you all you need to know: this place rocks!

Lisboa Patisserie, Golborne Road

Grubby but glorious - there's a reason it's always so busy

There are all manner of artery-clogging temptations here: soft, yielding muffins, iced buns, frosted donuts, biscuits dipped in chocolate, sugary palmiers, flaky croissants and a number of savoury options such as empanadas, croquettas and toasted sandwiches too. But it’s the custard tarts – with their burnished, sticky filo cases and wibbly-wobbly cold custard interiors – for which Pisoa is most famous.

Lisboa Patisserie Custard Tarts

Custard tarts and coffee

Well, it’s my good friend, Dave Watts’ 30th birthday today and there seemed like no better way to wish him well on a cold, rainy afternoon than by treating him to one of these little custardy gems. We had one each with our coffees while Dave’s wife, Fran, had a chocolate-dipped biscuit and some mint tea. We all felt much cheered as we headed back to our desks.

Lisboa Pâtisserie
57 Golborne Road
W10 5NR
T: 020 8968 5242

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