An Ode to Bread (or Bread Head)

Poem about Bread

I sometimes find that, in my head
There’s little else but thoughts of bread
Toasted, fried or freshly baked
It makes my hungry stomach ache
To think of all the … Read the rest

Granger & Co (and a grown-up Saturday morning)

Toasted Coconut Bread at Granger & Co, Westbourne Grove

Yesterday, The Heid and I woke up in London feeling petal fresh and without so much as a sniff of a hangover, despite it being a Saturday. We must finally … Read the rest

Introducing The Heid


“You should really have a name for Ollie” on your blog, said a friend recently, “a bit like A.A.Gill’s The Blonde.”
“By damn! You’re right,” I said, and I didn’t … Read the rest

Echiré – a better bit of butter

Echire Butter

When I think back to my childhood, I remember actively disliking cake, cream, icing and butter. What a weird little girl I must have been. Unfortunately, just when I reached … Read the rest

Chicken broth (and a belated new year health-kick)

The ingredients of my chicken broth simmering away

One of my father’s favourite French dishes is Pot Au Feu, a nourishing meaty stew that typically includes low-cost cuts of beef, sausage and vegetables such as carrots, turnips, leeks, … Read the rest